Lighting A Flame

Portfolio meetings are well underway. It is wonderful to celebrate so many sparks of creativity and growth with the kids!

Just before we went off timetable for Portfolios, we created some delicious Harvest Soups together. We observed that the days are growing shorter and darkness is coming earlier and earlier. We talked about seasons, and the way the sun and earth interact to make this happen. We also noticed that there are many meanings for the idea of ‘Darkness.’ That darkness can be a metaphor well as a physical phenomenon. And that candles and lamps can be metaphors for peace and hope as well. We discussed how many communities and cultures find ways to include the idea of ‘light over darkness’ during the dark time of year between now and the lengthening days of Spring.

For those of you who may be interested, Van Dusen Botanical Gardens is offering an opportunity to enjoy a Festival of Lights between November 24 and January 7th. (Many light displays in the garden, dancing fountains, food vendors, etc.)

I came across Learning Hub Academy. Some families might enjoy this as a resource for activities at home:

We will return to In-Person Learning on November 14.

By LBaker

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